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Hello everyone,

The meeting today went very well. There were a lot of people who came - thank you all so much for coming.

We have posted some of the pictures up to our facebook page. If you took any pictures yourselves and have a facebook account, feel free to upload them.


One of our big goals for 2019 is to increase activities such as one day events and multi-day fun flies and hope this will help us increase our membership counts to get more excitement and activity regularly at the field.

We have another helicopter fun fly in the works. This will include camping at the club site Friday night and Saturday night. This will take place on the weekend of June 29th. This will be the club's third helicopter fun fly! We will be posting out more details and flyers over the next couple of months.

A new drone racing course is in the works. We are working with the city to leave it up more permanently only to remove when requested for site maintenance by city employees.


If you see someone flying in an empty lot or even interested in entering the hobby - please send them to our website at and try to convince them to join. Keep a couple extra membership packets in your car to hand to people as well if you can.


Craig and Gary received plaques to thank them.
- Gary's was for designing our new club logo. It has all the flying types welcome at the club and gives an idea of the wonderful view we get when we look to the west.
- Craig's was for designing our club benches and doing that epoxy resin coating on the three flat top tables.

These two members took their professional skills and donated them to the club. We hope to do the same in January of 2020 for any members who contribute in outstanding ways.


Our permit for the club to use the land expires in September. We are working with the city immediately to begin work to renew that permit. This is the first year the club will operate fully as its incorporated entity "Chollas RC Flyers" and we will be having the permit tied to that instead of an individual.


We have installed a new larger and colored sign on the front gate. We hope this will attract a little more awareness of the club's presence. We also replaced an old sign on the bulletin board. The club's officers are continuing to work on making the facility a lot nicer and better kept up. We would like to thank all of the club members (Such as Floyd and Derrall) for doing the weed maintenance at the club!


If you are interested in a club t shirt talk to our vice president, Jesus Romero. They look really nice and have the club's new logo. They are currently available in white and gray.

Sean Molloy has been helping the club a lot with connecting with other clubs, helping to attract new members and has been attending board meetings. In early January, Sean was asked to become an official officer / board member of the RC club. His role is going to be "Public Relations". Our goal is to help grow the club back to a nice 100 members. We are currently at 50 members.

The club will be receiving a totally new website some time this year. We are working to make it so new members and renewals can join online and pay through PayPal. There are plans to enable guests to pay for events through PayPal.
We also plan to allow members to have an account to manage their own contact details (phone, email, mailing, etc.)


We talked to the city employees about the runway. There were originally plans to dig up the part of the runway that is sinking to investigate what is causing that - they would then back fill the land to be level. Due to the rains, there are no plans right now perform any work. We will periodically ask for updates and provide them to the club at meetings.

We are also aware of the big problem with the cobblestones at gates and are trying to find approved solutions to make it easier for members to open/close the gates and also accommodate the multi tonnage trucks the city has going in and out during the week.


Thank you all for coming out, if you have any questions, comments or things you would like to bring up for the board to discuss at the next board meeting and field meeting please contact us at


Thank you,

-Chollas RC Flyers


Date           Saturday October 20, 2018
Time           10:30am
Location     Here at the field

Planned Agenda:

  • Officer nominations (or volunteer to be an officer)
    • Elections will be in December
  • Club is open for renewals for 2019 starting on or after meeting.
    • Renewal fee is $80.00
  • Discuss the up-coming "Turkey Fly" on Saturday Nov 17th

Additional agenda items can be requested to be added at the start or end of the meeting by the membership.


Additional Details for the Day - Halloween Theme

We will be having a barbecue.
There will also be a pot-luck, so bring something if you would like to.

We will bring out speakers for music. Bring a bluetooth device if you have a song you want to fly to.

Night flying if you have a self-illuminated aircraft.

Let's get as many aircraft of all kinds as we can in the sky!!

Chollas Park RC Flyers


Meeting brought to order 10:30am by Austin Heilman, President

Members present, 

Harley Davis (Treasurer)
 Bob Murray (Safety)
Gary Frayer
Jerry Daoust
Jesus Romero
Don Petsche
Don Petsche Jr.
Roberto Singson

Fun Fly

$2000 deposit was made.
No serious safety problems happened at the event.
$200 check was written for the bathroom and hand wash station.
Austin Heilman requests no reimbursement for his expenses for the event.


Benches cost $200 each. Eight tables total. Final amount due to member Craig Woodward is $1600.00
Austin Heilman to donate and provide Craig Woodward with $800.
Club voted in favor of using the club account to pay the remaining $800 to Craig Woodward.
Austin Heilman explained why the bench activity happened so quickly.
Costs were cut by ordering lumber in one batch.
Craig Woodward wanted them available for the fun fly to improve club presentation

Club Bank

Club has $3400 after the fun fly and required expenses paid.
Club made $1680 on event to put toward city lease payment and new tables.

Officer Changes

Harley Davis has chosen to resign from Treasurer and Secretary.
Bob Murray voted in as new treasurer for remainder of 2018.
Austin Heilman (President) approved transferring control of Chase account to Bob Murray.
Looking for new Vice President that will maintain regular activity at the club field.
Possibly consider minor officer positions or committee for membership onboarding.

Club Maintenance

New fence still needs to be finished along the runway
Start planning new pit shade project for 2019
Discuss future meeting for rate changes for pro-rating based on time a member joins.

A reminder to our club members.
The club will be closed on Friday June 15th, Saturday June 16th and Sunday June 17th.

We will be hosting our second annual helicopter fun fly.
The field will only be available for use by registered pilots for the event.
Spectators are welcome to come by for free.

To our guests,

Things we will have at this year's event:

  • Camping Friday and Saturday night.
  • Night flying
  • Raffle prizes on Saturday
  • Food available at the field

If you need help finding the entrance, we will have this sign out by the gate:

  Club Meeting Notes for February 17, 2018 

10:05 meeting begins

Harley Davis (treasurer) made a motion for Austin Heilman (club president) to have access to the club bank account.
Motion was seconded and passed with all members present in favor.

David Lester made $60 donation to improve the food for Friday night when the Chollas Choppers fun fly takes place.

10:20 meeting ended

  Club Meeting Notes for February 17, 2018 

10:15 meeting begins

Discussion points:

2018 June Helicopter Fun Fly.
Pilot price set at $20.00.

Food plans discussed.
- Friday afternoon bbq burgers & hotdogs. Austin to bring electrical deep fryer for tater tots or fries.
- Friday night spaghetti, salad and garlic bread dinner
- Saturday morning breakfast burritos
- Saturday afternoon bbq burgers & hotdogs, deep fryer in use again.
- Saturday evening Dylan Newby and family have offered to make tacos.
Meal prices agreed to by the club are $5.00 for breakfast, lunch and $10.00 for the dinners.

Call for volunteers. Club members present request Austin create a web application with volunteers to sign up on.

Club has agreed to fund the helicopter fun fly with a maximum of $500 with the expectation of at least making it back.

10:45am club meeting ended. No issues were brought up when opened to the membership.

 Chollas Park RC Flyers
Newsletter Quarter 4 - 2017

Hello current and former members.

A new board has been elected at Chollas Park RC Flyers. I would like to introduce myself as your new club president, my name is Austin Heilman and our new vice president is Dylan Newby.

Earlier this year, Harley Davis, our former president decided that 2017 would be his final year leading the club. For ten years, Harley put a tremendous amount of his own time and money into sustaining the club’s operations.

I also would like to thank Harley and Gene Tassin for making it possible for our club to have its first ever helicopter fun fly in July. The new board plans to keep this event going annually as well as establishing an annual airplane fun fly!

Dylan and I promise to work very hard to try to retain club members, gain new club members and promote a very fun atmosphere at the club. We hope to maintain a good relationship with other clubs in San Diego and our local hobby stores. We want to promote all forms of model aviation at our club.  

Some of our 2018 goals are

  • Recurring revenue from events to help keep the club open.
  • Incorporate the club with a 501(c)(7) non-profit license.
  • Remove old furniture and chairs accumulating around the club.
  • New benches (huge thanks to Craig Woodward for taking on this task)
  • Build a new shade covering closer to where vehicles park to increase safe distance from the Runway.
  • Improve the club website

We really need your support. If you have not yet renewed for 2018, please fill out the membership form included with this envelope.

Thank you,

Austin Heilman - President
Dylan Newby - Vice President

  Club Meeting Notes for December 16, 2017 

Not enough members present to create a quorum.

Events for this year

June 15th to 17th - Helicopter Fun Fly (Chollas Choppers) 
Online registration:
Helifreak discussion:

November 17th - Turkey Fry & Fly (General Funfly)
More information will be posted when the event is closer to happening.